The Alfred Trauma Service Expansion

Your support for The Alfred’s Trauma Service Expansion Appeal will give trauma patients the best possible chance to return to the life that was taken away from them in a split second.

The cornerstone of the trauma service expansion will be The Alfred’s first, purpose-built facility dedicated to the early recovery of trauma patients. It will provide progressive and supportive therapy while patients also have their acute care needs met in the days or weeks after their accident.

You will be giving a beacon of hope to people like Luke. On a Saturday morning in May this year, Luke jumped on his bicycle and set off for a ride near his home in Ballarat. Until, seemingly out of nowhere, he was hit by a car.

“I remember feeling this huge, heavy, hard impact. I looked down at my body, I immediately thought ‘I’m going to lose my arm and my leg’. The pain was unlike anything I’ve experienced before – it was shocking.”

His injuries were devastating. After extensive and complex surgery by Alfred emergency clinicians, Luke’s life was saved.

Against all odds, Luke not only survived the accident, but has now progressed to the rehabilitation phase of his care. Luke’s recovery is testament to the exceptional, specialised care and attention he received by The Alfred’s trauma clinicians.

Luke recovering at The Alfred earlier this yearLuke is thankful for the compassion and expertise that The Alfred clinical staff showed:

“It was really incredible, just the way they took care of me and did everything for me. Now I just have to keep getting a little better every day. At the moment my whole focus is on today and living in the moment.”

Luke still has a long way to go, but he is determined and has his son Alfie to motivate him. He has been given the best chance and we know he can get there because we’ve seen it done, over and over again.

Trauma is so sudden and unexpected - we are all at risk of suffering from a severe and traumatic accident. This is all too clear to Susanne.

Susanne and her sister Silvia. While doing some routine maintenance on her house in Geelong, Susanne had a horrific fall. She remembers falling as if it was in slow motion, and then waking up in sheer agony. Susanne had multiple rib fractures, a punctured lung, a fractured pelvis and a fractured spine.

Saving Susanne’s life was the first step. Helping her to take her own next steps is the next stage in her road to recovery and this is where a donation from you will help.

As Professor Mark Fitzgerald, Head of Trauma Services at The Alfred recently said: “The number of patients we see every year continues to rise...We could treat more people. We could send them home faster. And we could make sure they have an even better chance of making a full recovery.”

Your gift will help expand The Alfred’s Trauma Service by:

• providing a new Active Therapy Zone allowing a patient’s road to recovery to begin earlier
• providing a new Surgical Procedure Zone for trauma patients who require acute intervention
• providing 40 more patient beds
• providing the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment
• providing more single patient rooms for more space and privacy
• providing a new welcoming and friendly waiting area and family meeting room for a patient’s loved ones

Laurence is a perfect example of how exceptional treatment can lead to better long-term recovery.

One afternoon Laurence was kite surfing at his local beach, when a freak surge of wind carried him for 100 metres. He was hoisted up high above the shore and smashed into a concrete wall with extreme force. His body was shattered. Many of his bones fractured on impact – including his skull.

It has been a long road to recovery for Lawrence, but he is just so grateful to be here and be with his loving family. The care he received at The Alfred has changed his life forever:

“I am so thankful that the doctors at The Alfred did everything they could to save my life and send me home to my girls. I honestly thought I’d never be able to walk or work again. Now I’m doing both.

Laurence with his two daughters.  The Alfred gave me the best fighting chance to recover to the point I’m at now. If you support The Alfred, someone else’s chance of making a recovery is going to get better, that somebody’s life will be better off because of it.”


Every day trauma patients at The Alfred deeply wish that they can recover well enough to continue with their lives as they were before. Your donation will enable more people with severe trauma thrive and go on to live a healthy life. Please make a life-saving donation today.