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Keeping a healthy mind and body.

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It’s no secret that men have traditionally struggled to take care of their mental health. Generally speaking, men exhibit low rates of mental health literacy and rarely seek help when they need it.

This is why understanding mental ill-health, and educating men on the warning signs, is so important.

A cornerstone of the Alfred Father’s Day Appeal, the 2016 edition of Healthy Men is focused on tackling the common misconceptions surrounding mental health and providing men with helpful advice and practical tips from a number of the Alfred’s leading clinicians.

Healthy Men: Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body is an easy-to-read booklet providing men with an insight into mental health and its association with all transitions of life, from new relationships and becoming a parent, to dealing with retirement and the ageing process.

The key messages of the publication are clear: there is no shame in having a mental health problem, they are treatable, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of seeking support.

The publication could make a healthy difference to you - or a man you care about.

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