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Hospital Life WINTER 2017

Tuesday 25 Jul 2017

In the winter issue of Hospital Life we share a mix of stories that we hope gives you a sense of life at The Alfred.

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A special gift

Thursday 18 May 2017

Inspired by the memory of his late wife, Wilson Ariyawansa decided to make a commitment to the hospital by leaving a bequest in his Will.

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Disha – Celebrating 10 years of supporting The Alfred

Monday 03 Apr 2017

Recently Disha held an event to celebrate 10 years of raising funds for hospitals where patients living with cancer are treated. This year the group were raising money to support those fighting blood cancers after one of their own was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

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Hospital Life SUMMER 2017

Wednesday 25 Jan 2017

In the summer edition of Hospital Life we look forward to sharing our stories, experiences and achievements with you, our supporters.

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Life Support at the Portsea Polo

Wednesday 18 Jan 2017

The Life Support Committee joined thousands of fashion-forward revellers at this year’s Portsea Polo to help raise funds for critical care services at one of Victoria’s premier trauma hospitals, The Alfred.

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